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Last updated in Sep 27, 2021

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Our in-depth product analysis takes into account an immense amount of data from multiple sources, reliable publications, user feedback, expert and reviews, and more to arrive at a trustworthy and complete score for the product of your interest.

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What makes the leader in product rankings? is focused on providing consumers a simple and reliable way to shop thanks to an intelligent, comprehensive, and practical product ranking. We analyze individual products in multiple categories, interests, and verified sources to grant visitors an easy-to-understand and unbiased product rank along with a summary and breakdown of the different features and benefits, helping you arrive at the best shopping decision that is most relevant for your needs, wishes, and pricing. Our in-depth product analysis takes into account an immense amount of data from multiple sources, reliable publications, user feedback, expert And reviews, and more to arrive at a trustworthy and complete score for the product of your interest. Best yet, grants a one-stop location to receive a 100%-independent product analysis with no sponsorship, no bias, and no fillers, so you receive recommendations that are comprehensive and trustworthy and can feel confident with your shopping decision.

The data aggregation process

With tons of products available in multiple categories and interests, first focuses on gathering as much data as possible and from multiple reliable sources available. By scanning multiple sources, we garner as much information as possible on any specific product, enabling us to analyze further by cross-matching online rankings with other viable parameters for an unbiased recommendation that is both verified and trustworthy. These include:

Product ratings

Many different sources consisting of stores, retailers, marketplaces, and independent publications

Expert and publication reviews

Verified product feedback and rating of multiple resources

Expert reviews

Knowledgeable expert reviews, unboxing coverage, and responses, including revisitation to a scertain review or status of the product hasn’t changed with time, i.e quality, durability, practicality, and alternatives

Consumer feedback and ranking

Recommendations and lists in different categories and themes


additional different sources which include our very own visitors who update us on any specific product within their own use Taking into account data on the millions of products available, is able to crunch up the information and deliver you a clear and reliable recommendation of which product best fits your requirements.

What the product analysis consists of

To arrive at a comprehensive and reliable recommendation, we aggregate an immense amount of data from multiple trustworthy sources, and then scan, cross-match, and analyze it all for a clear bottom-line decision. The following areas are taken into account:

Product ratings

Scanning many resources and millions of products allows us to aggregate all scores, remove any discrepancy, and input such information for high-level preliminary ranking analysis of any individual product, considering the date and recency, store or marketplace trustworthiness, other comparable products, and more.

Expert and publication reviews

There are numerous reliable product review websites and locations granting an in-depth analysis of any specific product, covering all important aspects that go into a buying decision including testing, usage, compatibility, etc. We crawl through hundreds of reputable, authentic, and unbiased publications such as Wirecutter, CNET, Consumer Reports, PCMag, Amazon, TechRadar, and more to go over their rank, review, thoughts, recommendations, and even user’s feedback within their own comments (and responses).

Consumer feedback and ranking

User reviews, thoughts, and recommendations (or lack of) of any individual product are priceless to grant an authentic and up-to-date view of usage, practicality, sentiment, decision- making, and even shopping-decision process taken until the purchase was made, and the feeling remaining afterward. This includes both positive and negative feedback to achieve the most unbiased data for our analysis.

Meta ranking

Products selected for analysis are identified by their popularity, relevance, and consumer interest visible thanks to their overall position in separate search engines, review sites and blog coverage, sales details and projections, and additional relevant positioning.


How are product rankings and scores calculated? calculates scores based on cross-matching and referencing each individual product with its comparables in the same category, taking into account the variety of sources, parameters, rankings, reviews, and potential changes...continuously reanalyzing and calculating scores to maintain relevancy and up-to-date rating. As a caveat: we only include products consisting of significant and validated endorsements from verified and reputable sources, and filter out any information that is deemed untrustworthy, inconsistent, or outdated. Moreover, we delve beyond rank and price alone, understanding that different users have different requirements and needs, hence we focus on practical relevance in any specific product category.

Our analysis includes:

Consumer feedback

Reviews, comments, questions, status, and retrospective on product consideration post- purchase, made of only verified shoppers of each individual product scanned

Expert opinions

Browse, scan, and crawl through hundreds and thousands (and more, depending on product category) of reputable and prestigious experts and publications, and their thought of a specific product or comparables


While maintaining products of relevancy based on meta rankings, we include items based on their significant and respective popularity across many stores, marketplaces, and premium sellers

Pricing history

Price fluctuations and comparison to other alternative products are taken into account to arrive at an overall return-on- investment utility for the overall rank of any individual product


How recent the product was released, how often are new models released, and acceptance of buying community is taken into account to maintain relevancy and avoid recommending products that may rank high yet have a limited life-time-value for the consumer (avoid recommending items soon to be outdated or obsolete)

Data analysis

With data analysis of the above, smart ranking system* assigns a weight to each data point, which is applied across to each product, arriving at a summary and complete scorecard for every individual product. The top 5 products in each category are presented, given a sufficient amount of comparables and alternatives are available. For example, any extreme niche product which may have less than 4 alternatives may be a popular product yet not covered with as insufficient comparison data is available and thus we cannot wholeheartedly recommend one (or more) specific products in this category. After cross-referencing all the product data available and comparisons, we list an ultimate Winner as well as Value for each category, each determined per the following:

Winner Winner - considering all parameters gathered from the immense amount of data, comparing to alternatives, and taking all reviews and feedback, we deem this specific product as the best purchase recommendation overall

Best Value Value - taking the same data into account yet keeping in mind budget consideration for individuals shopping on a budget, these recommendations highlight the best value-for-money products

*To ensure data integrity, maintain relevancy, and prevent manipulation, does not release the specifics of its proprietary ranking algorithm. intelligent scorecard

To assist shoppers make the best decision on any specific product in its category, our scorecard summarizes the most important attributes gathered from our analysis, helping users easily compare and arrive at the best shopping decision for them individually. The results displayed in our smart ranking system are clear, unbiased, and trustworthy insights on the best products available - scored & ranked by category. Shoppers are given the information most important to them for any specific product, helping them arrive at the best purchase decision for them, quickly and easily, and with full confidence. Overall it grants users an extremely easy process to search for a product of their interest and find what is best recommended for them individually in any product category, taking price, use, and practicality into account.

Finding the best product that fits you in seconds aims to make your shopping experience easier, quicker, and more relevant for your individual use-case and needs. Instead of browsing the internet and spending hours trying to figure out which product is the right fit for you specifically, does the heavy lifting and in-depth analysis on your behalf to help you make your decision faster and with more confidence. We stand by an unbiased ranking system outlined above, maintaining to continuously research and aggregate relevant data to arrive at the most appropriate score for each product, so you can easily find the correct product for your needs with just a simple search needed on your behalf. Of course, our analysis and algorithm are continuously improved, so we also keep in mind our own user’s feedback on any product and whether the score was right (or wrong), so we continue to grant our visitors the best and quickest one-stop shopping research tool to best spend their time in more important areas...or to begin enjoying the product itself asap :).


How does makes money? is supported by our visitors and users. When a product is purchased through our recommendation, we may earn an affiliate fee (commission) on such products...with no additional cost to you, the user, ever.

Does rank products higher for brands that pay a fee?

Absolutely not! stands by a 100% unbiased algorithm consisting of complete objective research, not influenced or sponsored by any specific company, brand, or financial incentives. Price comparisons featured include retailers we have an affiliate agreement with, yet no financial contribution or individual agreement without any bias or promotion.

How do I help further help its visitors?

We are constantly improving our recommendation engine! If there are additional areas we should consider or haven’t thought of (or other areas), please let us know at: [email protected] With, shopping is simple again. is customer-supported. When you buy products through our site, we may earn an affiliate commision on featured products.
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